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Sperm donor not responsible for child support

Reproductive options in Michigan and across the country are changing rapidly as the make-up of nuclear families evolves. While the laws race to keep up with the changing landscape, judges are sometimes left to make decisions where little precedent exists. At least one man is happy for the recent child support ruling a family law judge made in his favor. However, the decision may not stand if the state's advocate for families decides to appeal.

In a divorce, state law determines how assets are divided

Most people in Michigan probably do not consider that the state in which they live has any effect on their marriage breakup. However, not every state deals with divorce the same way, especially when it comes to the division of assets. Some states follow the concept that equitable and equal are not always the same.

Property division may still include separate bank accounts

It is no secret that one of the most common reasons for a couple deciding to divorce is money troubles. Some may deal with uncontrolled spending, unmanageable debt or even keeping secret bank accounts. Because of this, some financial advisors believe it may be beneficial for certain couples in Michigan and beyond to keep their finances separate. Doing so may spare them the heartache of divorce and the financial devastation of property division.

Tips for talking about divorce with children

Divorce massively changes the lives of children. Watching parents experience a loss of love can be disheartening and tragic. Children also have to adjust to custody arrangements and navigating a challenging family dynamic. No matter the age of the child involved, parental divorce is an event that significantly alters their way of living and perceiving the world 

Premarital agreements are useful for more than property division

When celebrities divorce, they are often scolded by fans who want to know why the couple never signed a prenuptial agreement. Sometimes millions of dollars are at stake, and occasionally a spouse who has only been married to a celebrity for a brief time will win a settlement that leaves the celebrity's wealth depleted. People in Michigan may understand the need for prenuptial agreements for celebrities, but until recently, it was another story when it came to preparing for their own property division concerns.

How to create a parenting plan

Developing a parenting plan is an important part of the divorce process. Figuring out all of the details of a divorce may be difficult and frustrating, but you should always put your children first and do what is best for them. Understanding how child custody agreements work and what to include in them will make for a better future for your family, even after a difficult split.

Michigan child custody battle ends in tragedy

When a marriage ends, some battles continue. Child custody disputes are among those that can drag on months or years beyond the signing of the divorce papers. They become even more complicated when the parents live in different states. One custody battle reached its resolution in a tragic manner for a Michigan father.


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