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As holidays end, child custody issues may continue

The holidays are nearly over, but some may still be experiencing conflict. Those special days that are meant for celebration and togetherness may feel especially empty if one is facing time alone because of a child custody order. While the Michigan courts may have granted some parenting time over the weeks of festivity, there are bound to be times when one's child will be celebrating away from home.

Divorce and property division may be avoided with honest talks

Many couples in Michigan decide to get married because they have so much in common. They may enjoy the same movies or music, prefer the same restaurants or have similar tastes in books. However, when it comes to the nitty-gritty, differences may begin to show. This is why it is important for engaged couples to have some honest discussions about finances before they get married. If these conversations are avoided, many couples find themselves facing divorce and property division.

How to survive a divorce with your emotions intact

Divorce can be rough on everyone involved, from you and your spouse to your children and even your friends. While you are splitting everything equitably, you may also feel as if your life is falling apart. Protecting yourself physically and financially is important, but those in the middle of a divorce should also be concerned about their emotional health.

Child custody and gift giving can be managed with planning

Divorced parents may be dreading the holidays, especially if the divorce is relatively new. Perhaps one parent has memories of the previous year when things between the two of them were anything but jolly. Child custody issues may flare during this time of year, and parents in Michigan may struggle to keep things positive for their children. As difficult as the situation is for the adults, the children may be the ones who suffer more, especially if their parents cloud the holidays with arguing and tension.

Alimony is awarded based on numerous factors

In a no-fault state like Michigan, neither spouse is required to prove the other did anything wrong to justify a divorce. However, when it comes to alimony, the court may take fault into consideration. Aside from fault, there are other factors a judge will examine to determine how much support, if any, a spouse will get.


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